Friday, April 29, 2011


so when I wrote my last post and talked about the things I was excited for summer were, I forgot something big.



yes, I know. I am a little kid at heart. but I can't freaking wait!

but yeah, I love Cars. I love watching it, quoting it, and relating it to my life. it's very applicable. I also like owning Cars memorabilia, such as shirts, pens, posters. you name it, i have it. besides slipper, my feet don't fit. :(

on to other news.

okay so there's this thing on facebook where you have to solve the equation 6/2(1+2).

THE ANSWER IS 9. not 1.

PEMDAS. the parentheses come first so it becomes 6/2(3). BUT, multiplication and division are a PACKAGE DEAL. therefore, they are solved from left to right in the equation. so it becomes 3(3)=9.

simple order of operations. I'm getting really frustrated that everyone is getting it wrong.

that's my rant on that. i had to take 20 minutes to figure out how you could even get 1 as the answer, but whatever.

Final piece of news for the day. I HAVE FIGURED OUT MY BACKUP PLAN IN LIFE.
that is, if i'm a failure and can't get into med school (which won't happen)

I want to get into a masters program to do work in genetics and genetics research.

The human body fascinates me (hence why I'm going into medicine), and without genes, we wouldn't be here. So what better way to learn more about ourselves than to study what puts us together and makes us who we are.

Have you ever thought about how one identical twin can be normal and the other can develop cancer? how one could end up taller than the other? How one little mistake in your DNA can cause a fatal disease? How, if that's the case, can we not find a cure? GENETICS.

i wanna know. haha.

and that's all for the day. enjoy the Cars 2 trailer :)

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  1. ah im so excited for CARS 2! if you see it without me, i swear you will die. >:( remember this cuz i knowwww you will ditch me for amber