Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sunshine and butterflies

okay, maybe not butterflies. they're hairy and weird looking up close. but the title flows nicer that way.

but i do love sunshine. I think it's one of the greatest things to ever come into creation. That's why i really can't wait to get back to the state with the most sunshine, Colorado. :)

you see, i thrive off of sunshine. When its not sunny (like today) i get sad and i just don't care about getting ready or doing anything. Main reason i couldn't live in Washington or Oregon, minus the fact i hate rain too usually.

to turn my day around, I decided to blog about the things I'm looking forward to this summer, as inspired by amber telling me to talk about her. Here we go:

1. getting to see amber and my family after a 4 month absence :D
2. going to see Tim McGraw, Luke Brian, and The Band Perry concert, & any others we can.
3. SUNSHINEEEEEEE and getting a tan.
4. finishing my gen-eds (hopefully)
5. volunteering at the hospital
6. making moneyyy
7. hanging out with amber.
8. getting out of mormonland for a few months (i love you all, but it's a little much sometimes :])
9. taking a three month break from chemistry
10. P90X, rawrrrrrrr.
11. tanning at the villasport pool with amber and Lauren.
12. hanging out with amber.
13. fulfilling mine and amber's interior decorating dreams by redecorating her basement for her.
14. a comfy bed.
15. a bathtub, hot tub, sauna, and WATER PRESSURE in the shower. i miss it dearly.
16. catching up on all the books that came out since I've been in college
18. hanging out with amber.
19. taking pictures.
20. working out like a mad woman.

did i mention hanging out with amber?

so yeah, needless to say I'm excited.

I am also ready for finals to be over. i didn't think about the fact that i would have 7! when i only have 4 classes. :( but hey! happy note, 2 more days of class :) and only ONE MORE DAY OF CHEMISTRY. yay.

now off to the library, maybe I'll get inspired there and let you know about something else. goodbye for nowww.

also, this spell check? it corrects you when you don't capitalize I'll, but not just plain I or the first word of a sentence. weird?...yes.


  1. oh thanks i feel the love >:(

  2. you are family, duh. #1. gosh, don't get so sensitive. ;)