Thursday, April 21, 2011

umm, hi there

hi, i'm tresa. i like learning, my friends, sudoku, and diet coke. there's a lot more too, but those are pretty important. i'm a freshman/sophomore (i haven't decided what grade i want to be in yet) biology/pre-med major with a chemistry minor at southern utah university. so yes, i'm smart and no, i am not mormon.

so why title my blog brick by brick you ask?
well, you see, the song Brick by Brick by Train came on as i was creating this, and it got me thinking, that's a great motto. you build a wall brick by brick, and together, each of those individual bricks comes together to build something much greater than itself. I feel like life works this way too. each aspect of your life is important, but when you put it all together, it becomes who you are. you can damage an individual brick and it won't cause the whole wall to crumble just as you can damage one portion of your life and it doesn't have to destroy everything that you are or what you stand for.

my life is a brick wall in the process of being built, with my friends, family, and schooling as the foundation for the rest of my life. one day it will be complete, but until then, i will enjoy the beauty of the brick wall that is my life at this moment and each moment from here on out.

just a random fact here for you since i'm talking about bricks: the average surface area of a brick is 79cm squared.

this is the song. it's amazing.


  1. Lovin' the metaphorical title that encompasses the entire blog and yet relates to the current life situation you have.

    I like. 8)

  2. beautiful darling. you are inspiring :)
    ~ miss Rae

  3. Tresa. love this. SO glad that I found your blog! can't wait to read more!