Sunday, April 24, 2011

know that you are loved.

it's easter in case you live in a cave (ashley) and missed that notification. so, um, happy easter. and peace be with you :)

so now i'm under pressure to make this post awesome..

my weekend was pretty awesome. headed down to hurricane for the weekend to soak up some sun with josie and try and even out my tan lines. (p.s. it didn't work and i still look ridiculous in a bathing suit)

so this is the play by play in between the tanning.

 on saturday night, we dyed easter eggs. which included making a bronco's type egg for some reason. idk. gross. but we made awesome eggs.
 this is a picture of the mountains that i took on our way from sacrament meeting to mass :)
 we ended the evening in springdale, and this was the view.
it also rained and i saw my first ever snail, so i took a picture. :)
Now to make this post more epic like i promised my sister, i'll tell you about the thunderstorm in springdale. pretty cool if you ask me. the thunder reverberated throughout the entire canyon, so the thunder lasted forever and was way cool.

and now you know about my weekend. which once i wrote about it, was boring. so i guess ashley, your awesome post will come later, once i finish my homework.

NO! AWESOME MOMENT!! i'm homebound in 11 days and i'll be home in 12! :D

but seriously, i'll post something cooler later, just wanted to share these pictures :)

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  1. i am so dissappointed of the lameness of this post lol jk ;; and dont be jealous of my cave! i love it in here ;; i would do well in prison, my room is like a jailcell, tiny space with small window.