Saturday, April 23, 2011

happiness is...

I like being happy, and these are things that make me happy.

happiness is...
enjoying a day at the carnival with friends, no matter how burnt you get.

 poking fun at and congratulating your best friend for getting over her fear of bumpy things and cucumbers.
enjoying a hot summer day with your best friend, kiddie pool style.
 practicing your balancing skills with your preferred drink of choice, diet coke.
making your own shoes...and actually being able to wear them.
 a spring day, a true spring day. one where it doesn't snow.
 a midnight food run after a riotous evening.
 going for a drive up to the c, and experiencing some of the best views of cedar city.
climbing a tree.
 when its warm after it snows. and making snow angels.
talking on facebook with someone who is in the room about absolutely nothing.
 making sure your friends are safe before you learn to drive stick.
 animals. especially your own pets, because they're always the best :)
 getting comfy with your best friend.
 getting the perfect picture with the lead singer of your favorite band, train :D
 getting the opportunity to go to the wealthiest nation in the world.

 going through old pictures.
when your best friend comes to visit.

...and much, much more.


  1. it makes me happy that i am involved in making you so happy! :)