Tuesday, June 14, 2011

don't do this

Word of advice: Don't EVER take summer classes. Worst idea I've ever had. Unless you like the classes, but I don't.

In other news, I finally got a job. Well, Amber got me a job. That was probably a bad idea, because now we never work at the same time which takes away time from hanging out with each other. But money is money so we just deal with it.

I thought by signing up to volunteer in the emergency department at the hospital by my house that I would be kept busy and see exciting things, but I was wrong. First, this hospital doesn't have a trauma unit which i knew. I've been volunteering there for three weeks now, and the past two, I've highlighted patient admission forms because it has been so slow. Today I let someone that's in the EMS program at PPCC practice IV's on me and that was the highlight of my four hours there because a grand total of like ten people came in during that time.

Yep, so basically between work, school, homework, volunteering, and working out, I don't have a lot of free time, which isn't a bad thing since I don't really have money to do anything fun, but I have yet to just lay out for a day. I've been out of school for month now and I'm still crazy pale, which is unacceptable. One day, one day.

So yeah, I have almost exactly two months until I'll be heading back to Cedar, and although I'm excited to move into my apartment and see all my friends again, I'm really nervous for my classes and more specifically, how early they are. hellloooooo coffee. 

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  1. what time are you classes in the fall??? and why do you hate your summer class?